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You always hear that viruses, trojans and malware are bad but a lot of people don't know exactly why or how they work. Viruses are programs that find their way onto your computer and then begin to multiple through your computer and onto others. Trojans are applications that generally function and look normal but have been secretly coded to do something else like someone else viewing your computer. Malware is the least harmful but can be quite annoying. Malware attaches itself to programs on your computer, most commonly as tool bars on web browsers and make you view ads.

If you think you have one of these on your computer and you can't get rid of it or want a thorough check contact Solutize Solutions and we'll help you out.
A lot of us connect to public Wi-Fi to get some work done while on a lunch break or having coffee. These networks are very insecure and is very easy for someone to see what you're doing, steal your passwords and personal information. Sometimes it's best to do your banking at home.
When copying and moving files to a USB drive, your computer uses something called write caching to improve performance. Sometimes your computer will say it's completed the file transfer when in reality it's waiting to complete some other tasks first. By pressing eject on the USB drive it allows the computer to finish any jobs still remaining in the cache and will help you prevent lost data.
There's been a lot of stories in the news about websites being hacked and users personal data being compromised. This only happens in rare cases, and even in those most websites securely encrypt user data so even if someone gained access to it they would have to crack the encryption as well. It's always best to create good passwords and back up plans just in case someone gains access to your account.
Your credit card number, your facebook account, and even your personal blog is worth protecting. If you're careless on where and what you put on the internet there's a serious threat of credit card theft, identity theft, or unwanted damage to your personal image. Don't forget potential employers can easily access your facebook profile, twitter and might sway them from offering you a job.