Google facilitates search for image licenses

Google now makes it easier for users to purchase a license to use images. In its search engine, users can see if the copyright holder provides license information and a link to that information. A special filter also makes it possible to quickly find the right photos, which are available either free of charge or against payment.

Establishment as a brand

“Authors have been fighting for years against the illegal use of their images. With this measure, Google is creating more transparency and clarity. This also helps licensees to establish themselves publicly as a brand. However, this still leaves a grey area if authors have not provided information. Here it must also be clear whether the images have unintentionally landed on the net,” explains brand expert Oliver Schmitt of viennabrand in an interview with pressetext.

Images are marked with a small marker on Google, which identifies them as “licensable”. With one click, users can find out who owns the copyright to the image. If the license holder has given Google information about the use of his work, the search engine will also display a link to the source.

Filter for the licenses

Under the tab “Images”, users can also sort their results by “Rights of Use” under “Search Filter”. The system then searches either for “Creative Commons licenses”, which are available free of charge, or for “Commercial or other licenses”, for the use of which users usually have to pay.

In order to obtain the most detailed information possible about copyrights, Google works in partnership with image agencies such as Getty Images. Currently, the tech company is trying to make the results of its search engine more accurate. For example, the company has been marking relevant lines of text within external websites since June.