Online Casinos in Canada – How is gambling regulated exactly?

Online casinos are booming worldwide. The demand continues and turns over billions of dollars. It is estimated that the international online casino industry will have a turnover of over 300 billion US dollars by 2023, making it one of the strongest growing industries in the world market. Now Canada is also in the top 10 list with the most online gamblers. Canadian online casinos can post annual sales of around 31 billion US dollars. But how exactly is gambling regulated in Canada?

Online Casinos in Canada – Since when do they exist?

Gambling in Canada, whether in a land based casino or top online casinos, has been completely legal since 1969. In the beginning, the provinces were allowed to organize lotteries, which were regulated by the government.

The legalization was tied to a certain condition

The requirement for legal sites in Canada was to donate a portion of the lottery proceeds to charity. Quebec is the largest and most recognized state in terms of online casino gambling. This means that when gambling laws are passed, all other states follow suit.

There are now more than 100 casinos in Canada

Today, Canadians can also bet on horses, bingo and poker games in a casino. In total, there are more than 100 casinos spread across Canada. Exceptions are the regions New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward.

Non-licensed operators may not accept online bets

Canadian law also says that unlicensed operators may not accept online bets from Canadians. Nevertheless, access to offshore online casinos, poker rooms, bingo seats and bookmakers remains open to Canadians.

While online casinos are becoming more and more popular in Canada, land-based casinos are less and less popular.

Which online casinos are the best in Canada?

Which online casinos are the best cannot be said in general, as everyone has certain preferences. If sports betting, poker or slots are very popular with many players, it makes sense to look for an online casino that offers a large and varied range of games.

Online casinos in Canada – advantages over the USA

Rules are not nearly as strict

The gambling laws in Canada are very liberal and the rules are not nearly as strict as in the USA. Canada has many more options in online gambling, which of course contributes to the rapid growth of the Canadian online casino gambling industry. Online casino bonuses are often given.

Each state can decide for itself

In the foreground stands completely clearly to offer the Canadians an optimal play experience in the on-line Casino, to offer. In Canada, each state can decide for itself whether gambling is permitted or not. Each province has its own rules, which vary greatly from region to region.

Minimum age for gambling in Canada is 18 years

In most regions, the minimum age for gambling is 19 years in Canada and 18 years in the regions of Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta. It is therefore advisable to check the gambling rules of the respective province.

Compared to the United States, only about 4 percent of Americans have access to legal and regulated sites.

Canadians prefer to play Blackjack

The most popular game in Canada is BlackJack. There are many variations of this online casino game. Canadians especially enjoy playing Blackjack with a live dealer. Players only need to read the Canadian Live Dealer Guide and can start playing straight away.